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Thursday, February 7, 2013

February Fun Challenge

I just finished reading an article on Huffington Post sent to me by my awesome Yoga guru Sheryl Braun. The article was basically discussing how the yoga community has recently gone from one of acceptance and inclusiveness to one of judgements and cliques. This article came to me at the right time. It's funny how many people I have spoken to recently who have told me just that. They start off by telling me how they have heard about how good yoga is for them. They then tell me how they have tried it before but they aren't sure if its for them. Then as the conversation continues I am told about some story where they have felt ridiculed and/or judged by the class and/or teacher.
  Obviously, I was not there and I can not say first hand what conspired. However, I do know this. When people say that yoga can be for everybody, what they are really saying is that yoga is for every BODY. And every BODY is not just a physical empty capsule, it is filled with people's personalities, hopes, dreams, insecurities, faults, beauty, love and so much more. As humans it is easier to assume everything should have a certain mold to which it adheres to, this way of thought makes it easier for us to learn and accept new things. However, it also creates shortcomings for new possibilities. If we meet someone that does not fit a mold of what we expect to be, before you judge them, stop to get to know them. Every person has a story. Every person is where they are because of the experiences they have taken. You would be amazed by how much you can learn about others and in turn realize something new about yourself.
So, I wanted to do something fun in honor of February being National Heart Awareness Month. I challenge everyone to open their hearts to 3 new people a week.  Give them a genuine smile, listen to their story, figure out a way to make their day brighter. And to up the ante, make sure at least one of these people you have never spoken to before, whatever the reason. You'd be surprised that showing such a little form of kindness can sometimes change a person's entire day, week or even life. No step is ever too small if its taken in the right direction.

Sending you all an endless amount of love, sunshine and open hearts! xo


Thursday, January 31, 2013

HI from the Hiatus... and a Review

Talk about a hiatus!!! So I am back from the abyss of cyberworld. I know, I just left everyone hanging there. But do not fret! Happy,  healthy, sunshiny thoughts were sent your way on a daily basis!!

Lot's has happened since I was last in this neck of the woods. For one, my little family is growing! Yup! Blame the hiatus on horrible morning sickness. But all is well that ends well, right? Right! So, God willing our home will be filled with more snuggles and giggles mid-2013. Little man is SUPER excited! I know you are probably thinking how an almost 2 year old can even understand! I doubt he fully grasps the gravity of it all, but he enjoys helping me shop for our sweet cinnamon bun.

Next on my radar is our teaching hiatus. Needless to say, sometimes morning sickness goes hand in hand with motion sickness. So, my practice has been sporadic and was almost nonexistent the first trimester. But we are getting back into the swing of things. Yoga mornings, walks at the park, dance parties with our  little man. Fitness can be incorporated in SO many ways! However it is hard to do it all while caring for a toddler and preparing for another one, so our Yoga At The Parks will be postponed until post-delivery and we are no longer accepting new students until the end of my maternity leave (so late summer).

And last but not least, my much anticipated Little Soya review!! Yeah, talk about LATE! ha! Whats Little Soya you ask? Only an awesome gourmet soy sauce that is Gluten-free, contains less sodium, is non-GMO tested and contains no MSG. Yeah, thats a pretty hefty label, but an awesome one nonetheless. The best part in MY opinion is the adorable packaging

How could you NOT want to try it??  I first encountered Little Soya maybe 2 or 3 years ago. My hubby and i were trying out a new sushi restaurant SushiPop. We got some sushi to go and were given those little guys in our bags. I was FLOORED!!! So much so that I didnt use it and just saved them. Hahaha! Then the next thing I know, they popped up at my local HEB, to which I thought, yay! How fun! Then I took the time to read the packaging. And WOW! I was impressed! You would be suprised by how a meal as healthy as sushi can be ruined by the wrong soy sauce. Some of the ingredients are CRAZY and can completely deter your attempts at a healthier meal. But Little Soya's conscientious attempt to provide you with that little extra to make your sushi munching experience a delight makes me a huge advocate for them.

So, when I was asked if I would be interested to write a review. I was all for it. Like I have said before, I wont promote it if I don't love it. And in this sushi eating household where even the almost 2 year old can eat with chopsticks and BEGS to go have "sishu" (he cant quite get the vowels straight but we are working on it) you know it MUST be good!