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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mint Cacao Lover

Mint... Chocolate.... and Spinach????

So, a few weeks back, my friend Casi took me to a super awesome place called Roots Juice. I have only been that one time, but since then I have been OBSESSIVELY dreaming about the smoothie I had!!! So, I set out to re-make it. This smoothie is perfect because it combines so many DELICIOUS ingredients with spinach, which to a faster trying to get more nutrients into my diet than my stomach can handle, is a true blessing. The added bonus is that the mint in this drink is great for settling your stomach. This is perfect when you chow down a huge meal after a day of fasting.  You get a dessert, stomach settler and nutrient packed drink all in one!!!

Now, since this recipe calls for spinach and mint, which some blenders may not be able to chop up as well as my Vitamix, I recommend adding those first to the liquid and blending them for a few minutes until almost disappeared and then blending in the rest. This should help prevent you from getting a weird texture out of it.


Mint Cacao Lover

1 to 1.5 cups Organic Almond Milk
2 cups Organic Spinach, fresh with stems
1/2 cup Mint leaves, fresh
.5 to 1 T Spirulina
1 Banana, medium, peeled
1/2 Avocado, medium, peeled
3 Medjool Dates
1/4 cup Cacao Nibs
1/2 cup Ice

Place ingredients in blender in order listed above. Blend to a yummy goodness! (If you have a Vitamix, blend on "Frozen Dessert" setting).  Happy Blending!

mint chocolatey goodness,
<3 T

Zoe you think you can't cook?

Are there days you JUST DON'T want to step foot in the kitchen? Me too... 

And that's why I just had to tell you about such an AWESOME restaurant that I am falling in love with, more and more each day. It's called Zoe's Kitchen. So far they are only located in the South and in Arizona (sorry everyone else because you are REALLY missing out!). Houston Metropolitan area has 6 locations, so I can pretty much depend on being able to get it when I want.

 So anyways, you are probably wondering WHY I am talking about them so much. Well, here is the thing... most restaurants can boast healthy options and fresh eating and their menu will definitely reflect it. But then you decide to bring your munchkins with you and you are bombarded with options like pizza, mac and cheese, spaghetti and meatballs or chicken fingers with fries. Whaaaa?!?!?!!? Are you serious? Sometimes I get very frustrated with the idea some restaurants have of "they are just kids". It's super important for us parents to establish healthy eating habits in our kids, so we should be paying extra special attention to what they eat!

And that's where Zoe's Kitchen definitely has us covered! With kid options such as fresh fruit cup, GRILLED chicken fingers, GRILLED turkey and cheese and no sign ANYWHERE of fried food on the menu, its a mothers delight! Our children look to us to guide them in the right direction until they are old enough to make their own choices.  So, knowing that I have a healthy, quick and inexpensive option on days that cooking a meal is the LAST thing on my list definitely makes me feel like I am doing a better job being a parent. I know my little man's body, brain, stomach, and taste development thank me now and will continue to thank me as he grows (high fat, high carb foods are addictive and can lead to serious side-effect, so its definitely a road you want to avoid.)

Plus it helps that they have THE BEST chocolate chip cookie (hey, being healthy doesn't mean that you can't enjoy a treat once in a while!)

PS: Zoe's in NO way contacted me for this post. I just love 'em and hope you will too!

cookies & grilled chicken,
<3 T

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Life of a Lunar Calendar Junkie

What's a moon sighting? Who follows a Lunar Calendar? Why are you SO obsessed with sunrise and sunset? 

All VERY legit questions with just as legit answers :)

You see, I am a born and raised Muslim. Some people are a little thrown when I tell them this, which I find interesting, but it is true. This Palestinian/Peruvian wears a head scarf to pray, goes to a mosque, reads the Qu'ran, the whole bit. And I am SO proud of it all! I see and believe that religion is our guide through life. We can lose faith in MANY things: people, our self, the government, the economy, whatever. But the one thing that will actually have you feeling lost is when you lose faith in God. I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason. That the good, the bad, and the ugly are all part of God's plan. I work my hardest to remember this each and everyday and with every trial I am faced with.

So, when the month of Ramadan appears on our Islamic lunar calendar I am utterly excited to unite with my fellow Muslims around the world and throughout Houston for a single cause. It is so rare that something so simple can unite 2+billion people in the world. Its so awe-inspiring to know that I am part of something that is SO much greater than me.


But, HOW do I do it? How do I NOT eat food or drink water ALL DAY?!?!

It's simple. When you break down any sensation that your body experiences, part of it is psychological. It's all mental associations. So, for example, if it was an ordinary day and I just forgot to eat, you can BET I am obsessing where my next meal will be. I will feel light-headed, shaky, dizzy, the whole deal. BUT, when I wake up in the morning, before sunrise to have my breakfast with my hubby, and we set our intention for the rest of the day, something happens. It's almost like counting down the minutes to the last day of school while you are having your end of the year class party. Everybody around you is in good spirits, you are all talking excitedly and enjoying the last few moments you have together before summer and are slightly bummed KNOWING that once that bell rings you will not see anyone anymore, but at the same time it means freedom!!!

Well, thats how fasting feels to me. It's exciting! I know that the hunger I feel is for a great cause. It reminds me, with each grumble and pang that even though I may know that my next meal and drink of water will be here at sundown, there are so many people out there who do not. It helps me to appreciate how much I have been given and how blessed I am. BUT the best part is, that there are so many muslims around me and all over the world who are doing the EXACT same thing. And even BETTER is that most of us are using this appreciation to do good in our community. To give to those who are less fortunate. Because even though we "feel their pain" throughout the day, we know that ours is only temporary, they may not be so lucky.

So, how does it work? We basically abstain from eating/drinking ANYTHING from sun-up to sun-down. Yes, that even means water. Traditionally, we break our fast with a date and some milk, go pray, then sit to eat as a family. Some people will stay up ALL night until sunrise, eating, playing games, reading the Qu'ran, spending time with family. It's always such a great festive time in our households. Then once sunrise hits (or the call for prayer), eating/drinking stops and the fast begins.

This year I am making an effort to make sure that hubby and I do NOT over eat and that we also STILL get plenty of fluids, fiber, vitamins, all in all a healthy diet.  Usually this is pretty hard to do, as most meals at home tend to be like Thanksgiving ALL. MONTH. LONG. So, what I decided to do was make us smoothies! O.M.G. I LOVE that I am doing this! I went ahead and bought us a Vitamix on Thursday and have  used it 1-2 times a day everyday SINCE! It's AMAZING and I am soooo sad I did not have it sooner! But its ok! I will get over it. The best part though is that I will be posting smoothie recipes that I come up with to help us pack in our veggie/fruit servings! So, keep a look out! For now, I need to go get some shut-eye before I have to wake up to eat breakfast and make us a smoothie!! :)

What is your favorite religious time of the year? Any fun traditions?  Can't wait to hear all about it!

from sunrise to sunset,
<3 T

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Review: Glyder Apparel

It's product review time! Are you as excited as me??? Here it goes!

So, a few months back, Glyder Apparel contacted me about telling all my MBS Yogi's about their apparel line. I was super stoked and honored, but since I have had bad luck with workout wear (save the crazy expensive line of Lululemon) and I did not want to promote something that I myself did not absolutely ♥ ♥ ♥ , I knew I had to get some goodies in hand before I was willing to give this lower price-point line, that promised lulu quality,  a go.

So, the website was accessed ( and the surfing began. I decided to try the Instant Tummy Tuck Pant, the Love Short Sleeve and the Freedom Cap Sleeve. Honestly, I wasn't expecting much. I figured that if it wasn't worthy of subbing in for the lulu then I wasn't out much anyways. So the order came in and I tried them and here is what I thought:

Instant Tummy Tuck Pant: Although I absolutely adore the material, and the cut felt true to size, the rise of the pant was not my favorite. Luckily they had more options and I have since purchased, tried and fallen in love with the Balance Pant. Seriously, these babies are AWESOME!!! I got them in black/black/black, but have since ordered two more pairs. I wear them so often I decided I needed to up the wardrobe so I don't have to do laundry as often, ha!

Freedom Cap Sleeve: Talk about an awesome shirt! The first time I wore this baby was on a double duty Wednesday of gymming. I usually do a 30-mins high intensity core class followed by yoga or come sort of cardio. This particular time I decided to try out a No-Limits Cardio Bootcamp to test my own limits and the shirt's. Want to know where the I sweat the most? Well I couldn't tell you because THE SHIRT WAS DRY!!! I mean, talk about amazing. Maybe it was the charcoal color I tried it in, maybe I miraculously figured out how to have my sweat (yes SWEAT and LOTS of it!!!) evaporate upon skin contact or maybe (and I'm leaning towards this one) it's just the pure awesomeness of the material!! This shirt looks great on, is true to size (I wear a medium to hide my post-baby stretched out muffin-top trouble zone) and feels great even when you sweat.

Love Short Sleeve: This baby is not only super cute with the little pocket on the front, its also super comfy and very flattering. Even though I have to wear a Medium in the Freedom Cap Sleeve, I can wear a Small in the Love. It is a tad bit more fitted than the Freedom, but the cut somehow doe not accentuate my muffins <3 The Pink Lemonade color is uber cute but not overly girly, so you can still look fierce while you kick those muffin tops to the curb.

So, since I clearly fell in love with Glyder Apparel and will be slowly purchasing all of their products (I have since purchased the Dash Crop Legging and an "Ahead of the Game" Headband, with more on the way) I have teamed up with them to bring YOU, FREE SHIPPING on ANY order. No minimum purchase neccessary. : MBSY at checkout
So check-out their website, purchase an item that fits your fancy and enjoy the FREE shipping form us here at Mind, Body, & Soul Yoga, just type in MBSY at check-out. But be careful, their clothing may lead to non-stop excitement while working out. Don't say I didn't warn you ;)

Cute butts & sweat-free shirts,
<3 T

Monday, July 16, 2012

Chapter 2

So my workshop has come and gone and all I can keep thinking is... what now? For months I have been putting so much thought, energy and effort into it.  I have been contacting vendors (Quick shout out to all the vendors who participated!! Zoe's Kitchen, Whole Foods, My Fit Foods, European Wax Center, Bare Escentuals, Sports Authority, Massage Envy, FitGirl Casi, Sun Rider, Xtreme Lashes, Jamba Juice) , researching (you would not BELIEVE how many articles I read to get solid facts that I can reference, versus the accumulated information I have stored in my noggin), writing and rewriting my speech, writing and rewriting my flow, scrutinizing over music, trying to make sure that from the moment the women enter into the workshop to the moment they left, they felt welcomed, loved and enlightened

As with any first event for a company, things of course did not go bump free the day of. For one, the weather was not in our favor and so several ladies chose to not fair the nasty down pour.  Yet, the few who did, were so wonderful, sweet and understanding.  I was truly blessed to be surrounded by so many women who I felt I probably could learn more from, than them learn form me.

I genuinely hope that each one of them knew how much I loved having them there. That I did, am and will always do my best to be there for them as a resource for whatever questions they may have whether it be yoga, health or just personal harmony.

So, now I can continue with the beginning of the rest of my life on this yoga journey.  I do not have a workshop planned for the near future, which is probably good. Sometimes when you give so much of yourself to one thing, you let other things fall behind.  I noticed this started happening with me and the family. So, here is to me coming back to my usual routine: spending more giggly, tickling mornings with the little man, tackling new and challenging yoga postures to make me a better instructor and to learning more about myself and respecting my differences each and every day.  Sometimes its ok to take a break and let your happiness lead you.  Its what we did when we were children and look how great we all turned out :)

Yoga & Happiness
<3 T

Friday, July 6, 2012

Tingling with excitement

Photoshoots! Branding! and Websites! OH MY! I have had such a busy last few weeks its been unreal!

First off, I OFFICIALLY graduated from YTT training!! WOOHOO!! I can't wait to get the certificate in the mail so I can frame it! Second, we got the website up and running, picked up our first shipment of t-shirts, got our business cards delivered and had our first photoshoot!  To say its been CRAZY is an understatement!!!

But the clock is ticking and we are... SEVEN days away from the workshop!!! EEK! We are so so so so SO excited! We have so many awesome vendors participating with great raffles to boot! And to top it all off, i have an AWESOME group of ladies helping me out that day! Seriously, so much love and support seems un-HEARD of!! But  it's real and it's here and I'm being surrounded by it. The only thing I can think to do is stop and thank God for all my blessings!

Unfortunately, with this much excitement, its inevitable for lack of focus to arise.  Lucky for me, and those around me, I can always fall back on my trusted meditation. Now, I don't meditate the way many people view it. I don't sit there trying to "empty my mind" and pray that the thoughts will go away. Because if you know me, you know THEY WON'T!  My words are a mile a minute verbally and 1000x that mentally. What I have found that works for me is following a prayer meditation. So I sit in a quite place in my house, turn all electronics off, come to my breath and just start reciting verses from the Qu'ran.  It's like magic how my body just relaxes into it and calms down and makes me feel revived. Sounds amazing right? Well, it is!! Want to try it? Yoga Journal has a pretty good article on seated meditation. I invite you to read it and try out the technique for a week. You will be amazed at the benefits you feel from just sitting there and cutting yourself off from all the outside stimulation of cell phones, TVs, emails, whatever... Let me know how it goes. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

excited mantra prayers,
<3 T