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Monday, July 16, 2012

Chapter 2

So my workshop has come and gone and all I can keep thinking is... what now? For months I have been putting so much thought, energy and effort into it.  I have been contacting vendors (Quick shout out to all the vendors who participated!! Zoe's Kitchen, Whole Foods, My Fit Foods, European Wax Center, Bare Escentuals, Sports Authority, Massage Envy, FitGirl Casi, Sun Rider, Xtreme Lashes, Jamba Juice) , researching (you would not BELIEVE how many articles I read to get solid facts that I can reference, versus the accumulated information I have stored in my noggin), writing and rewriting my speech, writing and rewriting my flow, scrutinizing over music, trying to make sure that from the moment the women enter into the workshop to the moment they left, they felt welcomed, loved and enlightened

As with any first event for a company, things of course did not go bump free the day of. For one, the weather was not in our favor and so several ladies chose to not fair the nasty down pour.  Yet, the few who did, were so wonderful, sweet and understanding.  I was truly blessed to be surrounded by so many women who I felt I probably could learn more from, than them learn form me.

I genuinely hope that each one of them knew how much I loved having them there. That I did, am and will always do my best to be there for them as a resource for whatever questions they may have whether it be yoga, health or just personal harmony.

So, now I can continue with the beginning of the rest of my life on this yoga journey.  I do not have a workshop planned for the near future, which is probably good. Sometimes when you give so much of yourself to one thing, you let other things fall behind.  I noticed this started happening with me and the family. So, here is to me coming back to my usual routine: spending more giggly, tickling mornings with the little man, tackling new and challenging yoga postures to make me a better instructor and to learning more about myself and respecting my differences each and every day.  Sometimes its ok to take a break and let your happiness lead you.  Its what we did when we were children and look how great we all turned out :)

Yoga & Happiness
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