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Friday, June 15, 2012

The In's and Out's...

Of breathing that is!  Yoga has taught me so much, but the one thing that I cherish the most is my ability to breathe.

I know, I know, that totally sounds like some om-chanting, Teva wearing, incense burning cliche stuff, but I am serious!  The past few weeks I have been forced to skip several much needed yoga classes.  Me skipping yoga class means ample opportunity to be snappy in the very near future... usually. But not as much anymore!! The breathing techniques used in yoga can totally help you "count to 10" as was demonstrated in "Anger Management".

So now, all I have to do is step back, engage in some epic ujjayi and snappy thoughts be-gone! This has been particularly helpful in the workshop planning when things are not going as planned!  Which I realized i have NOT told you about the workshop properly!

[super awesome flyer created by the hubs-man!]

My workshop baby is basically a 3 hour event where I will lecture on the importance of maintaing a balance between the Mind, Body, & Soul, lead a 1-hour practice and then there will be a 1-hour mixer. I am super excited about all this and am also SUPER nervous!! I've taught smaller classes before (10-ish people) but never the size I am expecting (~50).  So excited! Do YOU have any suggestions for me??

Ujjayi breaths ,

<3 T

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