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Friday, June 22, 2012

Somewhere over the rainbow...

That song gets me every time! I love how it evokes a childlike feeling to my whole being. 

It makes me want to go outside, play on a swing, do a few hula hoops, maybe jump rope, all while smiling and letting the cool light breeze blow through my hair...

Reality? The swing I can get through no problem, the hula hoops... well I will probably only get through 30 seconds of it.  How do children HAVE that much energy?? SERIOUSLY?!?! :) My little munchkin runs circles around me, while yelling/chanting/singing/???? at the top of his lungs and then is ready to wrestle. At which point I pray hubs-man heads home so he can take over.  Not growing up with brothers is really making it a hard adjustment for me and all the wrestling.

The plus side? It's amping up my stamina hardcore and I'm LOVING it! Maybe one day I will run circles around him?? I can dream right? :)

[arr... :) ]

So, your challenge today is to change up your fitness routine. Pretend you are a 7 years old all over again and do everything with as much zeal and vigor! Play hopscotch (BOY does it take balance!), jump rope (maybe even a little double dutch!), hula hoop and just have FUN! Your body will appreciate the change to the routine and you will be SURE to feel it tomorrow!! Let me know what fun things you tried!

Sidewalk chalk & glittery hula hoops,

<3 T

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