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Monday, October 1, 2012

Super Awesome HUGE Giveaway announced!!

Happy October everybody!!!

Houston FINALLY has cooler weather!!! YAY!!! So exciting :) PLUS we are ready to announce our winner of the Super Awesome HUGE giveaway. And the winner is...

*** drum roll***

Leah C. of Love & Shorts!!! Leah, we sent you an email!!!

Next on the October agenda?? Join us and our friends at GrowSoulBeautiful  for the October Yoga A Day challenge!!!

Have fun with this people!!! Have your friends, sig-others, kids, animals who ever join in on the fun!!! Can't wait to see what you all come up with!! if you decide to join, please tag us #MindBodyandSoulYoga so we can check yours out!!

And last but not least, this Saturday is Yoga At The Park!!!  Join us at 8 AM this Saturday at Bendwood Park for a fun invigorating yoga session!!  Check out our FB event for more info. Our good friend (and fellow 200-RYT) Ana will be leading the practice this Saturday so come and show her your support!!! You will just ADORE her!! I know I do :)

That's it for now guys!  October is going to be awesome!



  1. Yay!! I am so happy!! I really wanted to win this! I didn't receive the email. But I may have typed it in wrong. It's

  2. I tried yoga once. I just can't get the breathing down. I was not relaxed. I'm determined to perfect it one day, though!

    1. I know this reply is quite late... but better late than never, right? If you havent already, try it again. Yoga, like SO many things in life can take practice. There are people who get it naturally, some who get it with practice and others who may never get on board. The only way to tell is to try it a couple more times (I suggest the magic number of 5) and decide from there! xo


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