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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Super Awesome Giveaway Time!

Are you ready for it? It's here! It's time for the Super Awesome Giveaway I have been promising you!! So, since I planned on posting it last week and I wasn't able to, I''m not going to waste much more of your time. Just remember, in order to participate, you MUST be 18 years or older, have a U.S. address to ship to and you must do what the directions below on Rafflecopter say. Oh and there is only ONE mandatory way to enter. The other ways are all just bonus entries.

So, what will you win?  Here's the break down:

1 Nutrex Pure Hawaiian Spirulina powder
1 Nutrex Hawaiian Astaxanthin
1 Nutrex goody bag of stuff (slouch bag, apron, books about Spirulina and Astaxanthin)
1 Medium Ad Space on Finding My Way In Texas

Thats total prizes of $147.98 y'all!!! I'm so excited about this giveaway!! SO many awesome things! The Glyder gear, nectar shades, SPIRULINA POWDER (no joke, spirulina powder proved to be one of the harder things to find here in Houston. I would ALWAYS find gelcaps but NEVER powder. So, THANK YOU again Nutrex for being so awesome and sending me all these goodies for the giveaway!!), foam blocks from yours truly and last but not least ad space from the super sweet Jennifer at Finding My Way In Texas (if you don't know her you need to go check out her blog ASAP!!)

Finally I want to announce our winner from the other giveaway I held for the Desperado shades. The winner is Kayla C.!!!! Congrats girl! I'll be emailing you shortly to get your info :) Ok, that is it. good luck my friends!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway



  1. This giveaway looks amazing! I'm trying to get healthier now for my wedding that's coming and this would be perfect! And I don't think I can pick just one thing. I'm excited for it all! Thanks for hosting!
    Leah @

  2. Awesome giveaway! Would love to try some of the products :)

    1. Thanks Britt! Don't forget, you have to select the "I commented" button in the rafflecopter widget to be entered!!! I don't want you to miss out :)

  3. Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway! I'd love to try a new pair of sunglasses or those leggings. :)

    1. Thanks for participating!!!

  4. I am DYING over this giveaway! I like all of it, but if you're going to FORCE me to choose favorites.... I would say... the yoga blocks and the leggings. :-)

    I love this giveaway, Tania!

  5. I'm most excited about the yoga block. I've been meaning to get some for a while. Thanks for the giveaway!


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