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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September is National Yoga Month!

Yay! It's September! That means a promise (or hope in Houston's case) of cooler weather and changing leaves. Do you know what else it means? National Yoga Month!!! Yup, you read that right, September is National Yoga Month. If you aren't as excited as I am, here is why you should be...

  • Yesterday (Labor Day) was Houston's Free Day of Yoga.  If you missed out, stay tuned for next years, because it. was. a. blast! I ended up teaching, not one, but TWO classes this year! The first one was an impromptu class in the park, which for all who were there, it ended up being a Hot Vin (MAN was the sun up and out!!! Good thing I wore my sunscreen and brought plenty of water!) The next class was a slow flow just before sunset. Talk about IN.TENSE. I hadn't taught a slow flow in a while and so teaching one, after teaching my "Hot Vin" earlier in the day was EXHAUSTING! But my yogis were good sports, trucked through it, had a blast and in the end we all ended our Labor Day on a great note!!

    • Sad you missed our classes? No worries! Our next Yoga At The Park is October 6 at 8 AM! Check-out our Facebook invite and RSVP if you will be able to make it! (side note: I hate writing negative things because I don't like harboring negativity in my life. But I strongly strongly strongly request that you only say yes if you really plan on attending. I understand that things come-up, so feel free to change your RSVP at anytime. Although the class flow will not change, I try to make sure I have enough props and surprise goodies for all who attend my class. So, please help me avoid waste by showing-up when you say you will or contacting me if you can't).
  • My super sweet mama was reading her Sunday Newspaper when she came across a Tuesday Morning advert that was advertising Yoga gear on the CHEAP!! The specials are good for September 7-9 so go check out a Tuesday Morning near you this weekend! 
  • 10% off all month on all prepaid and booked private sessions
  • 10% off on all yoga mats at our store from September 10-20!
So now, tell me September isn't going to be SUPER AWESOME! I hope everyone enjoys September and participates in as many classes as possible. I'll be sure to post about any public classes I will be teaching as they become available.

I hope you all have an OM-azing day! Here is a fun info-graphic to get you through the month!


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