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Thursday, August 9, 2012

As Kermit says, "It's not easy being Green"

I am super excited about this post because of all the new amazing things I learned.

I was invited by Brenda Ruiz of Hello Houston! Media to attend an event at Ruggles Green- City Centre that would showcase what they were doing to help the environment and just why they have the "green" in Ruggles Green.

To start off the night was Lydia Smith, Ruggles' Green Liaison. She gave us a quick background about Ruggles and introduced to us Federico Marques, The Green Guy.  Now, Mr. Marques has one interesting background!!  With previous positions at Bayer and NAFTA, this patent carrying, invention toting "Green Guy" was just what the industry needed. His extensive background is what helped Houston Open up it's first Certified "Green" Restaurant, Ruggles Green, in 2008 at 2311 W. Alabama. Opening just a few years later, Ruggles Green- City Centre boasts the titles of "Greenest Restaurant in Texas" and "3rd Greenest Restaurant in the Nation".  But that's not all! Ruggles Green was not satisfied with being just "one of" the Green Restaurants.

So, through much work and determination, it led them to the current construction of Sugar Land's very own Ruggles Green, set to open late August, with a Grand Opening in September. So, what's so special about the Sugar Land location? I'm so glad you asked! It will be the greenest restaurant in the world. That's right, WORLD! How you ask? (Seriously loving these questions!) Well, a restaurant's "green" factor is based on a point system set-up by the Green Restaurant Association. The association takes into account several things:
  1. Water Efficiency
  2. Waste Reduction and Recycling
  3. Sustainable Furnishings and Building Materials
  4. Sustainable Food
  5. Energy
  6. Disposables
  7. Chemical and Pollution Reduction 
Each category is a way to earn points.  The more points you accumulate the higher the rating you will receive. Currently, Ruggles Green- City Centre has a 4-star rating.  However, the Sugar Land location is set to have a 5-star rating. Yup, FIVE star. Do you know how many other Green restaurants have a 5-star rating? No? That's probably because NO OTHER RESTAURANT has it!! Can you tell I am excited about it?? Some of the ways this will be accomplished is from having Energy efficient dish washers, rain water collectors to irrigate the herb gardens out on the patio, low-flow toilets, HE A/C units, and Federico's baby and research project, LED lights, which will be used to light the restaurant. This is just a taste of what great steps the Ruggles Green management is taking to ensure a pleasant experience with the smallest possible carbon footprint.

But that's still not all!!! Ruggles Green also boasts a very friendly menu, as in: gluten-free friendly, vegetarian friendly, and dairy-free friendly. Lydia ordered for us to try the High-Protein Hempenadas, Ruggles Green Margherita Pizza, Fresh Vegetable Pizza, House-made Organic Chickpea Hummus and finished off with the delicious Hemp Brownies (which sadly I did not get a picture of).

Ruggles Green Margherita Pizza

Fresh Vegetable Pizza

High-protein Hempenadas
House-made Organic Chick Pea Hummus with Plantains

Now tell me, aren't your tastebuds BEGGING for you to take them there for your next meal? If not, I don't think you looked closely enough at the pictures, take a look again, I will wait... doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo... Ok, hungry yet? Good. Since every item on the menu boasts natural ingredients (as in nitrate free, preservative ffree, antibiotic free and no HFC) I personally and happily go to Ruggles Green- City Centre at least 2 or 3 times a month, and considering my family only eats out about 5 times a month, those are some good odds! So, listen to those singing taste buds and head on over!!! You might just run into me at the City Centre location.  Afterall, I have been a regular since 2009 ;)


  1. Great post!!! I love how detailed you were!

    Taylor Brione


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