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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Our new home

Did you guys notice anything different around here? 

You DID?!?! Doesn't it look awesome?? Hubs-man and I have been working HARD on trying to come up with a template that reflects Mind, Body, & Soul Yoga.  We wanted it to look calm, clean and reminisce the fun times to be had on the mat when you are in class with us.  Normally, changes can be a bit scary, but sometimes you have to embrace them.  You can be surprised how much you like the results!!  I think we did a pretty good job with this change!  What are your thoughts on it?? Do you normally embrace change or is it something that you veer away from?


  1. I veer away from change usually. But sometimes it's good to take a leap because change can be great sometimes. Even though I disliked my old job, I didn't look very hard for another one simply because I loved the people I worked with and didn't want to start over. Now that I have another job, I love my coworkers and what I do. I was afraid for nothing! Change is good!

    1. Yes, for sure change can be daunting, but you can also learn SO much about yourself! For instance I learned alot about my artistic likes and dislikes :)

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    1. Thanks Amanda! Can't wait to finally meet you in person :)


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